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Ice Cream

Family Owned Established 2022


Swal Family Creamery is a small, homemade ice cream event business that brings joy and sweetness to the community. The founder of Swal Family Creamery, Nick, has always been passionate about ice cream and the joy it brings to people's faces. He has been using family recipes passed down from his mother, Marie, while also incorporating creative new ideas. Seeing the smiles and excitement that his mom  brought to the community while having her own ice cream company, Swal Dairy II, when he was younger, made him want to keep the happiness alive by starting up his own company when she retired. Nick runs his company based off the principles his parents taught him:  dedication, hard work, and love. Dedication to customers, the hard work that goes into every batch of hand weaved ice cream, and a love of what he does! Honestly good ice cream at affordable prices, sure to make people smile. 

Swal Family Creamery's small, homemade ice cream event business has managed to carve a special place in the hearts of its customers. Through their dedication to quality, creativity, and community involvement, they have become a beloved addition to various events, spreading happiness one scoop at a time.

Ice Cream Cones

Find Our Ice Cream

Craving our homemade ice cream, but we aren't at any events that day? Check out 

Kyle Family Far

831 Windsor Perrineville Rd, East Windsor, NJ 08520


The Ice Cream Boutique

216 Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, NJ 08505

Now Serving Swal Family Creamery Ice Cream!

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Red Tulips

Join Us at
Holland Ridge Farms Tulip Festival

Join us for your favorite flavors every Saturday and Sunday

April 6th through April 21st, 2024

Open: 9am to 6pm

86 Rues Road, Cream Ridge, NJ

 Free parking plus Uber/Lyft drop off

Book Us For Your Next Event

 We invite you to book us for a memorable experience that will tantalize your taste buds and transport you to a realm of pure dessert bliss.


Swal Family Creamery caters to various events and occasions, enhancing the overall experience with their delightful ice cream. Some of the services offered include:

Private Parties: Swal Family Creamery adds a sweet touch to birthday parties, anniversaries, and family gatherings with a personalized ice cream station/cart.
Corporate Events: Making team-building events and office parties memorable by serving scrumptious ice cream creations.
Community Festivals: Participating in local fairs and festivals, offering an array of ice cream flavors to excite the community.
Weddings: Adding a touch of sweetness to the big day with an elegant ice cream bar, complete with toppings and custom flavors to match the theme.

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 Find Us For Your Favorite Flavors of Homemade Ice Cream

Every Tuesday, July 2nd through September 24th, 2024


Miry Run

 66 Sharon Rd, Robbinsville Twp, NJ 08691


Retailers who partner with Swal Family Creamery gain access to:

High-Quality Product: Swal Family Creamery takes pride in the quality of its ice cream, ensuring that retailers can offer their customers a premium product that stands out from mass-produced alternatives.

Unique Flavors: By carrying Swal Family Creamery's creamy and unique flavors, retailers can attract new customers seeking something beyond the usual ice cream offerings.

Marketing Support: Swal Family Creamery provides marketing materials and assistance to help retailers promote and drive sales of their ice cream products.

Personalized Service: Retail partners receive dedicated support and prompt customer service from the Swal Family Creamery team, ensuring a smooth and fruitful collaboration.


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